Solar panels

Domestic solar panels

Create your own source of energy to reduce your dependence on the electrical grid, with the possibility of selling unused energy. You can start with an investment from €4,000 or with our financing plans with zero down payment.

This is especially profitable at the moment because the customer saves on electricity bills since the main purpose of the installation is self-sufficiency.

Savings can exceed 50% of consumption with financing that allows you to save money from the first installment, considering the net amount between savings and the financial installment.

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Solar farms as an investment

Create your own solar farm to feed the energy generated into the grid and achieve financial returns. We can undertake international projects starting from €1 million.

The production capacity would be 1 Megawatt/hour under optimal operating conditions.

Profitability can range from 5% to 25% annually depending on the electricity price. Currently, it is at the higher end of the range.

The main associated risk is the evolution of electricity prices in the OMIE market, as well as the political and regulatory factors, given that it is a strategically sensitive sector with high sociopolitical sensitivity.

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